Space Art Competition

SEDS Space Art 2021

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is hosted a University-wide art competition where the winning pieces go to space!

The 2021 Space Art Competition was held from October 4th to October 20th of 2021. We had 35 submissions from students across the University of Michigan. The winning pieces of were selected by a panel of faculty and will be flying to the ISS in May of 2022 aboard CRS-25!

Space Art Gallery

All 35 submissions are being displayed at the Duderstadt Art Gallery from October 25th to November 5th alongside satellite and rocket hardware from the University. Pictured right are a portion of the student artists, each with their submission. Students from a variety of colleges, majors and years within the University of Michigan participated in the event.

Competition Winners

The Train

It’s very common to see the future of space as something fantastic or clean, but I wanted to show something more mundane with this piece. Humanize how we might live when we reach that point in our development. The train is dirty from traveling to different planets, moons, and locations, and the sun sets on a scene that isn’t too far from what we’d see everyday on Earth. The excitement of space has long worn-off, and this has become daily life.

Good Morning Earth, from Outer Space

By emphasizing how water behaves in Outer Space, I wanted to express how the daily activities that happen on Earth such as brushing our teeth are different, specifically in the International Space Station. In the ISS, water is a floating sphere acting in a zero-gravity environment, when it is not interacting with another object or surface. Therefore, I decided to paint water droplets, toothbrush, and toothpaste over the window's view of earth, making the droplets reflect the earth we inhabit in a hyperrealistic way.

A New Home

With planning human missions to Mars already underway, one day Mars may be a new home for some as we expand humanity across the universe.

Virtual Gallery



Here and There


A fun game!

Helping Hands


Go Blue and Beyond

Star Soaked Sky



Star Crossed

Stardust // Humandust


From Outer Space...

The Train


Good Morning Earth, from Outer Space

Sparks and Embers


Wright Brothers


Past, Present and Future

Star Stuff





Space City

Delicate World

Future Reminiscence



A New Home

This is what she means when she needs space

Gallery Showcase

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