BLUE builds science payloads to be launched into suborbital flight. Their mission is to make space more accessible to undergraduate students.

CLAWS is a multi-disciplinary group that works on human-centered software applications to advance humanity's presence in space.

BLiSS works on a variety of projects aimed at supporting a sustained human presence in space.

Michigan Mars eXperience (MMX)

MMX is a 3D printed rover inspired by JPL's DIY open source rover plans. The project also includes VR and outreach.

T-Shirt Launch System (TSLS)

The TSLS is a t-shirt launcher designed to look like NASA's SLS and is actively under development.

SEDS Nature and Astro Photography (SNAP)

SEDS@UM owns a telescope and has a group of members passionate about astrophotography.


This new project aims to build a telescope from scratch, including 3D printing some parts.

Scout Drone

The scout drone is a new multi-purpose drone aimed at navigational and exploratory operations.

A team of SEDS@UM members is working on a challenge to design a Mars City State capable of sustaining over one million people.

Apollo Lander Drone

This is a high-fidelity drone with a lunar landing module attachment.