Ari Gottesman

Ari is a sophomore studying Space Science and Engineering. In the past few years, he has been doing research in the Magnetics Lab, working with communication systems for ground-based sensors, and worked on the RLS team in BLiSS. His long-term goal is to study other planets in the solar system with the hope of one day becoming an astronaut. For fun, he enjoys playing board games and video games, skiing, and learning more about space.

Katie Ballard
Internal Vice President

Katie is a junior pursuing Nuclear Engineering, with a minor in space engineering. She has been peer mentor for Living ArtsEngine, and does research with the Nuclear department for the past few years. She hopes to eventually work on building or analyzing radiation shielding or radiation detection for satellites. For fun she enjoys drawing, knitting, and playing field hockey, and is in an organization called Civil Air Patrol where she learns and teaches others about aerospace.

Megan Piper
External Vice President

Megan is a sophomore pursuing Biomedical Engineering with a minor in International Studies. Her goal is to combine her love of human sciences with space exploration in order to help mitigate the risks of long term survival in space. She is currently involved in the Peer-Mentor program for engineering students, a member of the RLS team in BLiSS and is also working part-time at an all nature-based preschool. In her free time she enjoys backpacking, puzzles, soccer, and volleyball.

Delenn Bauer
Developmental Vice President

Delenn Bauer is a senior double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. She is a part of the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program, pursuing an Asian Languages & Cultures minor focusing on Japanese. She is also currently the VP of Events for AIAA, External VP for SGT, and Outreach Chair for CLAWS, and has engaged in research with PEPL. Delenn is always eager to learn anything new, especially if it relates to space exploration, and share her knowledge and experience with others. She also enjoys volleyball, basketball, track, playing violin and piano, tap dancing, reading, crocheting, and stargazing.