Miniature Tethered Electrodynamics Experiment

Lessons Learned from the Development and Flight of the First Miniature Tethered Electrodynamics Experiment (MiTEE-1)

Friday, May 7 at 3:05 PM ET

Liam Spence
Mission Operations Manager

Liam Spence is a graduating senior pursuing a BSE in Aerospace Engineering with an Astronautics track and a minor in Multidisciplinary Design. He first joined MiTEE as a freshman member of the Orbits, Attitude Determination, and Control Systems subteam and is currently the Mission Operations Manager for the MiTEE-1 CubeSat. Later this year, his senior-design project will launch to space onboard the Tangerine Space Machine, a suborbital liquid-bipropellant rocket designed by the Michigan Aeronautical Science Association, marking the second payload he has worked on to reach space during his college career. Liam will be returning to the University of Michigan for graduate school in 2021 to pursue an MEng degree in Space Engineering and aims to focus his career on furthering humankind’s exploration and utilization of space.

Sam Sharma
Plasma Science & Electrodynamics Lead

Sam Sharma is a rising senior in Aerospace Engineering with a double minor in Electrical Engineering and Multidisciplinary Design. She has been a part of MiTEE since her freshman year and now is a lead for the Plasma Science and Electrodynamics subteam. She is also part of Phi Sigma Rho, is the Public Relations Officer for Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and aims to improve the diversity of the Aerospace community. She was previously also an Aerodynamicist for Michigan Solar Car and mentored high school students with FIRST Robotics through the Michigan Engineering Zone. In the future, she hopes to help advance human civilization by pushing the boundaries of space exploration and increasing our knowledge of the universe.

David Li

David Li is a rising senior in Electrical Engineering with a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics. He joined MiTEE in January, 2021, and has been working on the Orbits, Attitude Determination, and Control Systems subteam. He has also been part of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) and a private tutor in math for three years. Besides MiTEE, he has also recently started working on a long-term project related to quadcopter control. David has conducted research every summer since his freshman year: he has had experience with qualitative research and reinforcement learning over the past two summers and is going to work with MiTEE in the summer of 2021. David has a passion for learning and cares about things that may not even have any practical significance. He plans to go to graduate school to pursue a PhD degree in electrical engineering after graduation.

Wayne Zhu

Alex Beloiu



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