Living and Working Off-World: Designing Spaces For Humanity

Saturday, May 8 at 4:05 PM ET

Anastasia Prosina
Founder & CEO

Anastasia Prosina is an award-winning aspirational futurist and practitioner in Space Architecture, the nascent field of helping people thrive in small spaces in space. She is the Founder & CEO at Stellar Amenities, a company with the mission of complementing space habitats with lightweight, deployable & reconfigurable elements to support wellbeing in space.

Anastasia has been involved in numerous space projects, from designing lightweight interior habitation structures for the TESSERAE self-assembling space station at MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative to working on an Iceland-based Martian Analog Habitat commissioned by Mars Society. Her past places of work include aerospace company Excalibur Almaz, 4th Planet Logistics, and Galaktika Space.



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