Bioastronautics and Life Support Systems

Human Accommodations in Space Exploration: Evolving Beyond "Spam in a Can"

Many of the Project Mercury engineers preferred to treat humans as cargo, acting only as passive passengers. However, the new goals for crewed space missions are no longer test flights, but true adventures in exploration. Long duration transits and visits off-planet have brought not only biology, but psychology to the forefront of challenges to be tackled.

Alexander Sena
BLiSS Program Manager

Alexander Sena serves as the Program Manager for BLiSS and Chief Engineer of the group's collaborative Augmented Reality X-Hab project. Over the last five years, he earned his Master's in Space Systems Engineering and Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering from the Univeristy of Michigan. He is a former SEDS President and co-founder of both CLAWS and the BLUE Program.

Amit Kothekar
BLiSS Chief Engineer

Amit Kothekar is the Chief Engineer of the BLiSS Gateway User Interface project for the NASA X-Hab challenge. He is finishing his Master's in Space Systems Engineering this year after completing a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering in 2019. Amit is a former SEDS President and co-founder of the BLUE Program.



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